Saturday, September 3, 2011

Labor Day Kindergarten History Activities

So this week will be our second learning record meeting with the E.S. (educational specialist).  I can't believe it is that soon already.  To read about why we are meeting with an E.S. go here.  This time the focus is on math and history.  I have to provide an example of each for the E.S. to put in her portfolio.  Math is simple but to be honest I haven't really thought that much about kindergarten history. So I decided to check out my trusty What Your Kindergartener Needs to Know book.  Here the author says that, "For young children we need to emphasize the "story" in history." and that "The goal in to orient the child to the past and plant the seeds of knowledge that will grow in later years." 

One thing that is usually done in kindergarten classrooms is to talk a lot about holidays that take place throughout the year.  Labor Day is the first holiday in September.  According to Fun Social Studies "Labor Day is a day of celebration to pay tribute to the working people."

I think we'll talk about when it was first celebrated, 1882, 129 years ago.  I'll write the number so Katie can see it and then I'll write how old she is and maybe how old Daddy and Grandpa are.  Then we'll see if she can say who or what is oldest.  (This should be easy for her.)  As suggested by other kindergarten teachers and bloggers I think I will take this opportunity to talk about some of the different jobs people in our community have.

We read most of a biography about George Washington and later watched/ sang this song about coins on youtube. 

Next I think we'll do a listen and read activity on scholastic.  She can learn about 8 different occupations but I'll maybe just choose a few or have her choose.  There are also 10 American history listen and read books on the same site.  I think I may have her listen and read about what a president does and then tie in Teddy Bear Day, September 9. (Who knew there was an actual Teddy Bear day?)  Where is the tie in?  Well you probably already know that Teddy Bears were named after our president Theodore Roosevelt. The story goes that in 1902 President Roosevelt went on bear hunt and refused to shoot a small bear.  A toymaker saw a cartoonist's depiction of the event and created “Teddy’s Bear.”

Finally I think I'll have my kids go on their own "bear hunt" by having them find 10-20 teddy grahams, counting them and putting them on a numbered chart before they can eat them.  I could have Katie read clues like I did another time to find them if I have the time to set it up.

How bout you?  Have you done any fun History lessons with your kindergartener.  Feel free to leave a comment below.


For the portfolio I ended up having Katie color a picture of George Washington and doing a crayon rubbing of a quarter.

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