Monday, February 28, 2011

Kindergarten Math

Here are a couple great worksheets for teaching kindergarten math.

Which Number is Bigger?
Here is a simple worksheet to practice deciding which is bigger up to the number nine.  Three to four numbers are shown in a box.  The student writes the biggest number in the space provided.

Ducks in the Pond worksheet 2

This is such a cute worksheet. Students complete the number story and practice beginning to add and subtract. At the end they get to cut up 4 ducks and paste them in the pond.  My daughter loves it any time there is cutting and pasting involved.  : )  Learning math should be focused on fun at this age!

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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Kindergarten Math Curriculum

Here are some of the resources I've been using for teaching kindergarten math:
My Book Of Numbers 1-30 (Kumon Workbooks)
1) Kumon My book of Numbers 1-30

I really like the Kumon books.  They are reasonable priced and they do a great job scaffolding each skill. We had been using another book and I could barely get her to finish one page at a time. My daughter (age 4) did the first 20 pages in this Kumon book in one sitting.  Then the material started getting a little more difficult and so it has been taking her longer to complete.  The last several pages do get a little monotonous but I solved this problem by buying several prizes for our prize box at the 99 cent store.  I told her that every time she finished a page in this book that she could put 2 marbles in a jar (the jar is about the size of a baby food jar).  When the jar is full she gets to pick a prize.

2) 101 Things Every Kindergartner Should Know About Math

Math 101 Things Every Kindergartner Should Know About MathWe are also doing this book.  The math concepts and processes taught in 101 Things Every Kindergartner Should Know About Math include:
Basic math skills
Understanding number values
Addition and subtraction
Telling time
Memory builders
Counting money

I have been very pleased with this book also.  The book is colorful and fun and provides additional ideas to do with manipulatives to reinforce the learning in the book.  My daughter gets 1 marble to put in the jar for each page in this book since the pages are usually less time consuming than the pages she is working on in the Kumon book.

Update: My 4 year old finished this book today 2/28/11.  I think the reason why she liked it so much is because it is so colorful and fun looking.  Unlike the Kumon book (above) she never got to a point where she was tired of doing it.  She would sit and do 6-8 pages at a time.

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