Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Math U See for First Grade

I am considering using Math U See for my daughter for first grade.  I love how the concepts are explained.  Also high on my list are taking an "a-la-cart" class from K12 or using a Math in Focus: The Singapore Approach book.   While on the site I noticed that you can print out extra worksheets for whatever lesson you are on.  Just go here if you want to check out how to print math worksheets for Math U See.  Another thing you can do online with Math U See is review math facts.  You just choose which fact family you want to review and click start.  Your student then just types the answer for each math fact and clicks enter.  Here's a picture to see what it looks like:

PS.  Wondering what your first grader needs to know or actually k-8th grader?  You can look at E Hirsch's guide online.  I like to refer to it from time to time especially when I am thinking about curriculum.

And one more thing!  Some time I'll have to do a whole other post about this but...have you seen the Kahn Academy Website?  Holy Math lessons!  This thing starts with simple arithmetic lessons and includes TONS of lessons on calculus, Algebra, Trigonometry and Physics just to name a few.  I could have really used the Geometry lesson here back in the day.  And now it even has History lesson, healthcare...I could go on.  Oh.  And did I mention that these are all free?

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