Thursday, October 27, 2011

October Learning Record

Every 20 school days I have to have a learning record ready for my educational specialist from the charter school I'm working with.  It only has to be a sentence or so long for each of the following subjects: reading, life skills, history, math, science, special interests/field trips/ classes but I have not done very well with being on time with it.  

I am putting a link to all the content standards for CA here for easy reference.  I also found a nice link for all the kindergarten content standards.

So far my learning record for October looks like this but by no means does it even come close to all we've done.  It is just all that I have typed up.

Reading: Read words with oo as in moon and words with oo as in good.  Words with igh as in night.  Words with ind as in find.

Life Skills: Taking turns, measuring for a recipe

History/ Geography: Read about the 7 continents in What Every Kindergartener Needs to know, directions on a map (north, south, east west)

Math: Friends of 10, beginning addition and subtraction exercises, telling time on the hour and half hour mark, counting by twos.

Science: Planted seeds

Special interests/ Field Trips/ Classes: Pumpkin patch and corn maze

**On a side note I found out today that one of the vendors for our charter school is American girl books and magazines.  I'll have to file that away for later.  Other interesting vendors were:

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