Sunday, April 10, 2011

Hooked on Phonics Game

Yesterday I created a new reading game to help my daughter work on her Hooked on Phonics.  First we made these cards. Go here to create your own cards with the same look.  I made about 4 different pages, cut them out and laminated them with our own little laminator.
Next I printed and laminated a game board.  There are tons of them out there.  Here are a few examples:

Car Race Board
Fall Game Board
Bees and honeycomb printable board game

We used a penny and a nickel as our game pieces and stacked the cards face down.

Here is how we played.

- On your turn grab the top card and read it.  Roll a die and move your piece.

Pretty simple right?  But it worked.  My daughter hasn't been very cooperative reading her words out of her workbook lately but since it was part of a reading game she had no problem with it. By the way my daughter is 4.5 and is working out of the first grade hooked on phonics books.  I've been slowing down with her lately because she has shown some resistance and I don't want her to have a negative experience.

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